Organic Compliant Seed Treatments

Organic Compliant Seed Technology

Seed Dynamics is certified by California Certified Organic Farmers, CCOF, as a handler of organic seed products. Our treatments have been recognized as National Organic Program Compliant. PULSE® seed technology is the organic-compliant process by which we prime and/or pellet seeds under the strict guidelines required by organic certifying agencies.

PULSE® Gro-Coat®

PULSE® Gro-Coat® offers organic-compliant pellet applications for seeds that germinate in average conditions. Pelleted seeds are easier to handle and much easier to plant at uniform distances. PULSE®  Gro-Coat® is an unprimed pellet suitable for cool season coastal type germinating conditions

PULSE® Prep-Coat®

PULSE® Prep-Coat® is our organic-compliant solution for growers who require a seed that is both primed and pelleted. This organic-compliant seed treatment is commonly used when germinating conditions are harsher than those regularly found in coastal type or cool germination conditions. When potential for seedling dormancy is a concern, whether due to elevated germination temperatures or light induced, we advise PULSE® Prep-Coat®.

PULSE® Pre-Prep®

PULSE® Pre-Prep® offers organic-compliant  priming to prevent thermal dormancy. No pellet is added to the seed. PULSE® Pre-Prep® also guards against light and heat sensitivity, decreases germination time, and increases stand uniforimity.