Organic Compliant Technologies

Organic growers can now benefit from the higher germination rates and more uniform growing that come from our organic compliant seed technologies.

To grow organic crops, you must start with organic seeds. Like all growers, you want to give your seeds the best chance to germinate, become healthy seedlings, and grow into robust stands. The problem is, many organic growers have had to forego the advantages of pelleted seed treatments. Until now.

At Seed Dynamics, we’ve introduced our PULSE® line of organic-compliant seed handling. PULSE®  seed technology is an organic- compliant process of pelleting and priming, performed according to the strict guidelines required by organic certifying agencies. Now organic growers can have the seed technology advantages enjoyed by conventional growers with PULSE® Prep-Coat®, PULSE® Gro-Coat®, and PULSE® Pre-Prep®.

PULSE® Gro-Coat®

PULSE® Gro-Coat® offers organic compliant pellet application processess for seeds that germinate in cool season coastal type germinating conditions. Pelleted seeds are easier to handle and much easier to plant at uniform distances.

PULSE® Prep-Coat ®

PULSE ®Prep-Coat® is PULSE® Gro-Coat® on primed seed. Priming the seeds prevents thermal dormancy to give organic the chance for great stands without being so temperature sensitive. This offering is commonly selected when germinating conditions are harsher than those regularly found in coastal type or cool germination conditions. When potential for seedling dormancy is a concern, whether light induced or due to elevated germination temperatures, we advise PULSE® Prep-Coat®.

PULSE® Pre-Prep®

PULSE® Pre-Prep® offers organic compliant priming to prevent thermal dormancy. No pellet is added to the seed. PULSE® Pre-Prep® also guards against light and heat sensitivity, decreases germination time, and increases stand uniforimity.