Organic Compliant Technologies

PULSE® is the environmentally sensitive approach to cutting edge seed technology and seedling health.

Our Pulse® technologies are useful tools for today’s organic produce growers. Growers can now benefit from seed technology previously available to conventional growers only! Seed Dynamic’s line of organic compliant seed technology products is called PULSE®.

2016 United States certified organic crops totaled 2,714,498 acres. United States certified organic open value of sales $1,298,360,259.00. (Source; USDA, NASS Certified Organic Survey 2016 Summary, September 2017) 

If you have certified crops to grow, Seed Dynamics has organic compliant seed coatings and treatments for you. PULSE® products are processed in accordance with the strict guidelines required by organic certifying agencies. California Certified Organic Farmers [CCOF], is Seed Dynamic’s certifying agency. Now organic produce growers have seed technology advances formerly available only to conventional produce growers and shippers: PULSE Prep-Coat®, PULSE Gro-Coat® and PULSE Pre-Prep®.


PULSE® Gro-Coat®

A seed pellet for crops grown in normal growing conditions not expected to be subject to environmental temperature extremes. PULSE Gro-Coat® envelopes the seed creating a uniform pill shape and increasing the weight which makes more accurate planter metering and placement of the seed possible. When germination conditions are generally good and not adverse, PULSE Gro-Coat® is the common choice.

PULSE® Prep-Coat ®

Is primed seed put through the same process that is PULSE Gro-Coat®. Primed seed can alleviate thermal dormancy to give the germinating seedlings their best opportunity for successful stand establishment in high temperature planting conditions. Priming can also significantly increase uniform emergence of sprouting seedlings. PULSE Prep-Coat® is commonly selected when high temperature germination conditions are expected and when maximum uniform emergence potential is desired. PULSE Prep-Coat® is very popular from late spring and late summer into fall.

PULSE® Pre-Prep®

PULSE Pre-Prep® is our seed priming-only product, offering all the advantages of primed seeds, without a pellet. When precision distance between seeds is not a primary concern then often Pre-Prep is selected. Examples of this type would be the planting of a crop using a scatter shoe arrangement or any application when seed drop during planting is accomplished without the need or benefit of mechanical single seed separation.