Why add pesticides to soil and air when seed protectants can be applied directly to seeds? Seed-applied plant protectants provide a low-risk, highly targeted way to enhance seedling health, fight pests, and improve stand establishment.

Licensed to Apply Protectants

Seed Dynamics is licensed to apply revolutionary new compounds that solve many of a plant's issues literally at the "root cause." We apply plant protectants to the seeds themselves, resulting in a safe and controlled delivery mechanism of compounds that help control seedling diseases  increasing emergence potential, plant stand establishments, early season vigor, plant health and yield potential.

Seed-applied protectants work when and  where they're needed most--right on the emerging seed, at the critical point in plant development.


Benefits to the plants and the environment

Seed pellets have been shown to be effective carriers of plant protectants (pesticides). The same plant protectants that are often deleterious if applied diretly to the seed can be "carried" in the seed pellet. The act of applying a plant protectant in a band within the pellet is known as "pellet loading." The pellet either acts to "dilute" the negative impact of a plant protectant as it moves through the pellet to the seed, or acts as a barrier to prevent direct seed contact. Active products can thus be "loaded" onto the seed while minimizing adverse seed germination effects.

Seed-applied plant protectants are benefitical to the environment because the total amount of "toxicants" applied per acre is less than with in-furrow, foliar or broadcast because of the following reasons:

  • precise placement on the target
  • minimum toxicant used
  • minimum environmental impact
  • minimum wildlife and beneficial organism exposure

NipsIt® Seed Technology

When maximizing quality and units per acre, healthy seed and seedlings are not a luxury they are essential to success. Valent Corporation's NipsIt® is an innovative seed treatment tailored specifically for broccoli and lettuce seed. As soon as the seed hits the ground it is exposed to insect predators. NipsIt® can provide excellent extended seed and seedling protection against targeted insect pests assuring young plants have the opportunity to fully express their genetic potential.




FarMore® Technology Pak

Syngenta's FarMore® Technology Pak works as a first line of defense against a range of pests. The compounds control soil-borne, seed-borne, and airborne diseases that attack a young plant, including fungi, insects, etc.. FarMore® also works with our current processes.

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