Issues and options

Growers know and anticipate problems. We help growers with a range of issues from accurate seed placement at planting, to seedling and plant diseases, to dealing with heat-sensitive crop species. We are dedicated to helping growers achieve maximum plant establishment potential through strong uniform seed germination.

Issues Examples Why Important Options Product Name
Seed germination temperature extremes Desert production areas, late spring and summer production, black "heat-absorbing" organic soils, early spring and late fall conditions Uniform emergence of germinating seedlings and resulting stand establishment can be negatively affected by temperature extremes hot and cold; high heat conditions during germination can significantly increase the potential for heat induced seed dormancy Priming is a tool that can increase seedling vigor in cold weather germination conditions and reduce the potential for heat induced seed dormancy in sensitive crop varieties Prep-Coat®, Pre-Prep®, Prep-Coat® AirMaxx, PULSE® Prep-Coat®, PULSE® Pre-Prep®
Thermodormancy, caused by high temperatures during germination, is common in lettuce seeds Desert production areas, late spring and summer production, black "heat-absorbing" organic soils Lettuce is commonly sensitive to thermodormancy Priming can raise the upper germination limits enabling more uniform stands, increase germination success in high temperatures Prep-Coat®, Pre-Prep®, Prep-Coat® AirMaxx, PULSE® Prep-Coat®, PULSE® Pre-Prep®
Seedling emergence is un-uniform, seeds don't germinate at the same time Seedlings are different sizes upon emergence, emerging cotyledons are different sizes, larger and smaller emerging plants in the same planting Uniform emergence can increase yield and increase first pick harvest yield potential Coated / pelleted seed results in more uniform spacing at planting, seed planting depth is more consistent and accurate with coated / pelleted seed, priming can increase seedling emergence uniformity, seed treatments and seed-applied plant protectants can increase uniformity Gro-Coat®, Prep-Coat®, Pre-Prep®, Air-Maxx, FarMore® Plant Protectants
Disease pathogens that can destroy seed,  seedlings and mature plants Xanthomonas campestris p.v. campestris (Xcc brassica black rot), Xanthomoas campestris p.v. zinniae, Pythium, Fusarium, Rhizoctonia, Helminthosporium, Fusarium, Aspergillus, and Penicillium Disease can have severe financial implications for growers Seed treatments, seed applied plant protectants, use of pathogen free seed,  post emergence applications of appropriate chemical control FarMore® Plant Protectants, Pre-Prep® Brassica, Pre-Prep® Zinnia
Planter planting problems, mechanical planter, double seed drop, doubles, multiple seed drop, pellet or coating dust off and cracking, vacuum planter plugging Un-uniform pellets can cause dust off or cracking;  porous, uneven, or irregular pellet reduces seed adherence to vacuum plates; soft seed pellet or coating crushing in planter causes dust in planter box Seed placement: accurate placement of seeds reduces seed cost; doubles and multiple seed placement can increase thinning cost, reduce yield, and reduce profit pelleting,   encrusting

Gro-Coat®, Prep-Coat®, Gro-Coat® Air-Maxx,

Prep-Coat® Air Maxx, PULSE® Gro-Coat®, PULSE® Prep-Coat®

Insect damage, seed and seedling damage from insects Aphid, flea beetle, whitefly, leafminer, cucumber beetle, wireworms, seedcorn maggot Vector plant diseases  infects plants with diseases, damages or destroys seeds and seedlings, lower plant population, lower yield, lower profit Seed applied plant protectants, seed treatments, pre-emergence field applied chemical control and post-emergence field applied chemical control FarMore® Plant Protectants, NipsIt® Seed Technology, Sepresto®, Regard SC®