Techniques: Combinations

Our products can be used alone or in combination.

Our customers can  prime and pellet —and  add a third treatment, seed applied plant protectants—to their seeds. We can help you determine the exact treatments that are right for your seeds.


Which combination of treatment depends on a range of factors

Our seed treatment products are  tools for growers. Having access to the right tool is key. Whether to prime, pellet, or protect depends on a large range of factors including soil conditions, germination requirements, temperature, pests. Even the speed of your tractor can contribute to the decision. Contact our seed experts and together we'll create a program that allows for maximum productivity.


Combined treatments for lettuce seeds

Lettuce is commonly grown in areas with significant differences in germination conditions ranging from mild coastal conditions to very hot desert climates. Temperatures in lettuce growing regions can vary more than 65 degrees Fahrenheit depending on season and area. In high heat conditions a combination of seed pellet and seed priming, we advise Prep-Coat® to help mitigate seed dormancy brought on by high temperatures during the seed germination phase of crop production.