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Seed Dynamics, Inc. is an innovative seed treatment company serving the high value vegetable seed industry with organic and conventional technologies. Internationally proven products, locally sourced materials.

Pulse Organics

Our PULSE® organic line of cutting edge seed technologies utilize the environmentally sensitive approach to seed treatments and seedling health. If you have certified crops to grow, Seed Dynamics has organic compliant seed coatings and treatments for you.

Conventional Ag Today

With approximately 7 billion people inhabiting our planet today, agricultural seeds have a big job to do. Our conventional line of cutting edge seed technology products help growers get the most from their crop investment. Choose from a variety of pelleting, priming, encrusting, and film-coating products.

Environmental Stewards

As an agricultural seed technology processing and supply company, Seed Dynamics offers many useful tools for today’s organic and conventional growers. As environmental stewards, we have built these products with as many sustainable resources and techniques as possible. Most of our products have…

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Why Treat Seed?

What is the value of a uniform harvest? The cost of seed protectants, seed applied plant protectants, seed priming and pelleting is one of the lowest cost highest benefit inputs a grower makes. Allowing crops to emerge uniformly and develop into healthy robust plants.

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Pelleting: Coating with inert materials to change seeds size, shape, and density. Enables precise metering. Makes mechanical planting easier.

Priming: A water-based process for seeds sensitive to high heat, or require light for germination. Promotes a more vigorous, uniform stands.

Encrusting: Adds material to seed for accurate mechanical metering, reducing double or multiples. Good for crops needing seed singulation.

Film Coating: A thin layer of synthetic polymer or similar material covers the seed after application of chemical treatments. Good for end user safety.

Combinations: Our products can be utilized alone or in combination. We can help you determine the exact treatment.

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Our Promise To You

We are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality, most reliable seed technologies and developing enhancements that meet the specific needs of your unique microclimate.

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Presentation and BBQ for Cal Poly Students

Cal Poly Professor Mark Wong and his Crop Science class visited Seed Dynamics on their seed industry tour through the Salinas Valley last May. In addition to touring the facility, a presentation was given covering the subjects of seed health, laboratory analyses...

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Feeding the Future

Information on Seed Technology is not the only entree served up at Seed Dynamics. Every year Professor Wong's Crop Science class at Cal Poly tours the Seed Dynamics facility and attends a presentation regarding seed preparation and priming by Dr. Henry Hill, Ph.D.,...

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The Vegetable Seed Science & Technology Symposium

The symposium was hosted by Seed Dynamics May 23, 2013 at the Pivot Point Conference Center in Yuma, Arizona. The idea to host the symposium was conceived following an extremely challenging fall season in 2012, when germination, seedling emergence and early seedling...

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