Seed Dynamics is the longest running vegetable, flower and herb seed technology company under original ownership and management.

A locally grown company…

Seed Dynamics is located in the Salinas Valley on the Central Coast of California. Around us are thousands of acres and a wide variety of growers who take advantage of the cool-season vegetable growing region that’s ideal for lettuce, strawberries, tomatoes, and spinach and has earned the nickname “America’s Salad Bowl.” We began to provide seed treatment to growers in our region, and we still support them wholeheartedly. Our treatments are used on the majority of lettuce acreage planted in the United States.

…With international reach

A significant amount of seed processed by Seed Dynamics is also shipped to other countries. Our products are proving themselves in many different environments under different cultural conditions and practices all over the world. Seed professionals around the world rely on Seed Dynamics, Inc. products to add value to high end, high value seed.

Defining the “standard” in the industry

When a product becomes a “standard” in the seed enhancement arena, it has become accepted by the agricultural and horticultural community. Ours have.

Seed Dynamics is the leader in lettuce seed technology expertise. We process more lettuce seed than our two most important competitors combined.

Radical Thinkers Thinking “Radicle” Thoughts®

A radicle is the embryo of a seed bearing plant that develops into the main root. At Seed Dynamics we are radicle thinkers. A number of us are radical thinkers as well.

We think radically because we’re always innovating. Seed Dyanmics is at the forefront of recent developments in seed-applied plant protectants, which, when applied correctly to the seed, can provide excellent protection for seedlings and early plants—while using significantly reduced chemical application rates when compared to foliar applications, in-furrow, and injection practices. The active ingredients are applied to the seed which is then encased in inert materials. This allows for much safer handling with regard to transport and use.

rad  i  cal
(  rad  i  kel  )

a –  arising from or going to a root or source; basic.

b – departing markedly from the usual or customary; extreme.

c – favoring or effecting fundamental or revolutionary changes in current practices, conditions or institutions.

rad  i  cle
( rad   i   kel  )

The part of a plant embryo that develops into a root.

Radical thinkers thinking radicle thoughts®