We started in 1985 with five employees and a vision to provide the highest quality seed enhancements while building lasting business relationships.

Today, we’re still going strong with more than 40 team members.

Curtis Vaughan

General Manager, Seed Dynamics, Inc.

A fifth generation Salinas area native, Curtis earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Crop Science, with a concentration in Olericulture,  at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. He has been employed at Seed Dynamics, Inc. since 1986.

Henry Rede

Production Manager, Seed Dynamics, Inc.

Henry has been with Seed Dynamics since 1986, with most of the time served in the position of Production Manager. His experience in production and seed technology systems spans well over three (3) decades.

Carol Libby

Research Manager, Seed Dynamics, Inc.

Carol graduated from Humboldt State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Botany. She has worked in the seed industry since 1982 and with Seed Dynamics since 1986. Carol’s responsibilities include oversight for all laboratory functions,  product research and product development, quality assurance and regulatory issues.

“They’re very responsive. They have great customer service reps. I ask questions about processes and what’s available. We have dialogs and work with historical data. They’re my first choice for seed enhancements.”

Lainie Kertesz,
Johnny’s Selected Seeds


( sed ) a ripened plant ovule containing an embryo

dy  nam  ics

( di  nam  iks )  a – the branch of  mechanics  concerned  with  the effects of forces on the motion  of  bodies or  system of bodies, esp. of  forces that do not originate within the system itself. b – the forces and motions that characterize a system. c – variation in force or intensity. 

Seed Dynamics, Inc.

Since 1985