You provide the seeds and we apply our expertise, as well as our industry-leading treatments.

Seed Dynamics does not sell or produce seeds. We treat your seeds. Our customers are seed producers, sellers, and growers.

We are here to help guide you through the seed coating process—and beyond. Seed treatments provide protection to seeds and seedlings against disease and  pests. They also make it easier to handle and identify seeds. Finally, our treatments also improve seed performance by helping your plants germinate uniformly and grow more consistently.

Tried and true process

A seed has an intricate lifecycle—even before it gets planted. The processes at Seed Dynamics are designed around this lifecycle. Before they arrive at our door, seeds are cleaned and graded to separate out any immature, cracked, or undersized seeds. Often they are graded to size and density groupings. When we receive your seeds, we follow our strict industry-leading protocols developed right here in our Salinas facility — from suitability testing through proactive maintenance.


Running a “suitability” is a catch-all term that covers a number of priming protocols and germination testing. We germinate the seeds under stressful conditions to get an idea of how effective the protocols will be. Then we send the results to the customer.


Based on the results of the suitability tests and with customer input, we treat the seeds with priming, pelleting, film coating, seed protectants, or whichever technology is most appropriate.

Quality and consistency

When it comes to seed treatments, our main concerns are product quality and consistency. We are constantly trying to improve our products. And we test every product that goes out our door.

By the time our customers receive the seeds we’ve treated, we know they are going to work. Why? Our procedures take into account every possible problem and we test every order before delivery.


We accumulate and record information throughout seed processing including the people involved and the date processed. Small samples from each batch are taken so, in case of primed seed, we can periodically perform emergence potential analyses on the seed. If we see deterioration in the sample seed we inform the customer and ask that samples from the commercial seed be analyzed for germination and emergence potential before each use thereafter.

We are Proactive

Even after the seed is sent to our customers, we keep an eye on them to ensure they remain viable. Seed processing techniques can accelerate the rate at which the seeds age and shorten the amount of time they can be stored before planting. If seed is planted that has aged prematurely, or that has passed its useful shelf-life, germination and stand establishment may not meet end user expectations.

That’s why it is important to work with a seed technology company that constantly monitors the seeds it processes. Even after the seed is processed, we keep samples in our lab and, in the case of primed seed, test them routinely. If we discover a deterioration of emergence potential, the customer is called so appropriate action can be taken.

“They hold the life of our seeds in their hands. Seed Dynamics sees trends and communicates them to us. That’s useful for planning purposes.”

Lainie Kertesz, Johnny’s Selected Seeds