What is It?

The industry-leading way to deliver conventional pelleting requirements. This seed treatment is a pellet application for most vegetable seed that germinate in average growing conditions and not areas of extreme temperatures. It is a pelleting process that can be customized for a range of requirements in terms of density and size. Available for most vegetable species.

Gro-Coat Pellets:

  • Are available in numerous sizes and densities.
  • Are uniform in size
  • Split quickly when exposed to moisture. This is important because when seeds germinate respiration increases dramatically. When seeds respire, they require both moisture and readily available oxygen.

Not Primed

Gro-Coat® is pelleting for seed that is not primed.



We have developed different pellet weights, sizes, and densities enabling users to better fine-tune planters for greater metering accuracy. Growers can adjust the weight of their pellets to match certain seedbed conditions and tractor speeds.

A good example of this is in our lettuce seed offerings. These products are available in several weights: High Density (HD), Medium Density (MD), and Light Density (LD), while the pellet size of each offering remains the same.

Product Size Stanhay belt hole size Ratio Seed count
Gro-Coat® Mini Mini 112 x 218 14:1 35,000
Gro-Coat® Midi Middle 11.5 16:1 28,000
Gro-Coat® LD Low density 13.0 17:1 22,000
Gro-Coat® MD Medium density 13.0 25:1 17,000
Gro-Coat® HD High density 13.0 35:1 11,800