What is It?

The industry-leading way to deliver conventional pelleting requirements. This seed treatment is a pellet application for most vegetable seed that germinate in average conditions such as California Coastal climates. It is a pelleting process that can be customized for a range of requirements in terms of density and size.

Gro-Coat Pellets:

  • Are uniform in size
  • Split quickly when exposed to moisture. This is important because when seeds germinate respiration increases dramatically. When seeds respire, they require both moisture and readily available oxygen.

Not Primed

Gro-Coat® is not for use on light sensitive lettuce varieties or those lettuces that will be planted and germinated in high heat conditions; those seeds need to be primed.



We have developed different pellet weights and densities to fine-tune plantability and ease of handling. Conscientious growers adjust the weight of their pellets to match their tractor speeds. Faster tractors require heavier pellets for more straighter accurate drops. More accurate drops produce less bouncing in the seed furrow, and that maintains field singulation and uniform plant spacing. All pellets have the same volume, but the weight (density) can vary.

This product is available in several weights: High Density (HD) Medium Density (MD) Light Density (LD). The pellet size can remain the same, and we can modify the weight to meet the needs of you, your fields, and your equipment.

Product Size Stanhay belt hole size Ratio Seed count
Gro-Coat® Mini Mini 112 x 218 14:1 35,000
Gro-Coat® Midi Middle 11.5 16:1 28,000
Gro-Coat® LD Low density 13.0 17:1 22,000
Gro-Coat® MD Medium density 13.0 25:1 17,000
Gro-Coat® HD High density 13.0 35:1 11,800