What is PULSE® Gro-Coat®

An organically compliant seed pellet. PULSE® Gro-Coat® envelopes the seed creating a uniform pill shape and increasing the weight which makes more accurate planter metering and placement of the seed possible. When germination conditions are moderate and not adverse, PULSE® Gro-Coat® is the right choice.


Key Benefits

The industry-leading way to deliver organic pelleting requirements. This seed treatment is a pellet application for most vegetable seed that germinate in average conditions such as California Coastal climates. It is a pelleting process that can be customized for a range of requirements in terms of density and size.

PULSE Gro-Coat Pellets:

  • Are uniform in size
  • Split quickly when exposed to moisture. This is important because when seeds germinate respiration increases dramatically. When seeds respire, they require both moisture and readily available oxygen.

Not Primed

PULSE® Gro-Coat® is not for use on light sensitive lettuce varieties or those lettuces that will be planted and germinated in high heat conditions; those seeds need to be primed.