What is PULSE® Prep-Coat?

This is our organically primed seed put through the same pelleting process that is PULSE Gro-Coat®. Priming lettuce seed can alleviate thermal dormancy to give the germinating seedlings their best opportunity for successful stand establishment in high temperature planting conditions. Priming can also significantly increase uniform emergence of sprouting seedlings. PULSE® Prep-Coat® is the right choice when high temperature germination conditions are expected and when maximum uniform emergence potential is desired. PULSE Prep-Coat® is very popular from late spring through summer into fall.

Key Benefits

In this process, the seed is primed and then pelleted. The result is a pelleted, primed seed that in certain species prevents thermal dormancy. Benefits include:

  • Uniform size
  • Relatively dustless, which is easier on planting equipment
  • Split readily when exposed to moisture. These seeds break apart, which allows air to reach the seed immediately. This is important because seeds respire, they require both moisture and oxygen.
  • Faster germination
  • Increased seed lot uniformity allowing more uniform seedling emergence
  • Greatly reduces heat induced seed dormancy
  • Helps to eliminate light sensitivity.