Seed Dynamics has started carrying Syngenta‘s FarMore® products for commercial seed treatment for both conventional and organic-production compliant onions.

During germination and stand establishment, onion seeds and emerging seedlings are unable to protect themselves from a whole suite of menacing forces. But stopping the pests can stop the disease. Syngenta’s Farmore®  technology is designed to protect young onion plants at the “flag stage”, which is when the plants are most susceptible to attack. We apply the FarMore® protectants to the seeds themselves, through a safe and controlled delivery.  FarMore® seed coatings work as a first line of defense against onion maggots, onion seed corn maggots and seedling diseases; the main culprits behind crop spoilage. The protectant works at the most critical time of plant development—right on the germinating seed—helping them to thrive and grow without early damage. It’s just another way we’re helping customers get the tools they need to grow more consistently.