Our solutions use sustainable materials, techniques and technologies enabling the offering of a wide variety of useful proven organic compliant seed treatment products for the certified organic industry.

Growers are the original environmentalists and stewards of the land. When offered environmentally safe choices, agricultural professionals will choose the most effective, environmentally safe products available to them. Seed Dynamics, incorporated in 1985 in the Salinas Valley of California, offers useful tools for the organic industry as well as conventional agriculture. Environmental stewards since our inception, we have built these products with as many sustainable resources and techniques as possible and will continue doing so.

We understand the responsibilities and required custodianship of what we do. The seed treatments we proudly offer have minimal environmental impact when compared to soil and foliar applied sprays and irrigation in-water alternatives. We take pride and comfort that our seed treatments effectively reduce chemical exposure to the public, workers, wildlife and the environment.

Our field proven products, whether “PULSE” for certified organic seed or seed technology for conventional agriculture, our base materials are all proudly sourced from within the United States.

By contrast, our competitor’s source nearly 100% of their pelleting materials from Europe. Their materials are mined, extracted and refined in Europe and shipped thousands of miles to the United States amounting to hundreds of tons of material shipped to our shores annually. An immense and impactful negative environmental footprint.

Projections for future global population numbers are mind numbing. Seed Dynamics is dedicated to continuing research and development of environmentally sustainable seed treatment products for an ever-growing global population.


“To pursue sustainability is to create and maintain the conditions under which humans and nature can exist in productive harmony to support present and future generations.”

Environmental Protection Agency, EPA