• Economical
  • Handler safety
  • Color coding

What is film coating?

Film coating has gained popularity as a seed-coating method over the last several years because of worker safety considerations.

Film coating is encapsulation of plant protectants on treated seeds that don’t require increasing the weight or changing the shape of the seed prior to planting.  Handler safety is a primary reason for film treating seed. Film coating seed is also an economical way to greatly reduce seed bridging in planters.



Film coating does not appreciably change the weight of seed.

Film coating does not appreciably change the shape of the seed.

Films are available in several different colors to aid in seed identity and safety awareness.

“Seed treatments are much better for the environment. A small amount of the treatment goes right on the seed so you don’t spray the field. There’s no waste and you use a fraction of the amount of toxins per acre.”

Rick Falconer, Managing Director, Rijk Zwaan-USA